Sheryl, Caroline and Randy Appleyard

Education—and its journeys—have always been important in the Appleyard family.

“Each of our four children is different, and the route each is taking to become who they are is different as well,” says Randy Appleyard. “It has been important to find a challenging academic environment that also supports their other interests, be it athletics or other areas, where they can become a whole person.”

Sheryl Appleyard concurs. “Randy and I view education as a partnership. We want to raise good people with good values who are going to make an impact on the world and in their world. We really believe in a liberal arts education, too. Learning how to think critically—the world needs more of that.”

Both parents are impressed with all that Dartmouth has to offer and the experiences their daughter is having. “Caroline has found her group of friends and it seems like a very strong Dartmouth bond. She feels that Dartmouth has already provided her many opportunities even as a freshman,” says Sheryl. 

A three-sport athlete in high school, Caroline plays on Dartmouth women’s ice hockey team while maintaining her full-time studies. It’s demanding, but it’s also a source of considerable school pride playing for the Dartmouth Big Green, her mother says. This summer Caroline will be attending the Tuck Bridge Program. She plans on doing a language study abroad in Paris during spring term, then returning to Hanover for Sophomore Summer.

Randy and Sheryl say their kids have been fortunate to have attended schools with a diversity of students as well as experiences—and they appreciate Dartmouth’s commitment to need-blind admissions for all students—domestic and international.

Building Dartmouth connections

“We have both been impressed with the parent community at Dartmouth,” Randy says, which inspired them to become involved with the Family Leadership and Fundraising Committee. “We have also formed close relationships with Dartmouth hockey parents—we see some of them every weekend and have become good friends.”

“I have known and worked with many people who went to Dartmouth, and they all speak highly of it as a special place for them and their education. Now that we have a daughter here it's easier to understand how they feel about the school. 

“We attended Family Weekend and were amazed at the joy and connections that we saw. The parents and alumni we meet really want to give back to the school and are intent on keeping Dartmouth for generations to come. We have Dartmouth alumni in our neighborhood, and they often ask us how Caroline is doing.”

Being involved parents and active members of the Family Leadership and Fundraising Committee has been a great opportunity to learn about the College, the Appleyards say. They have gained a deeper understanding of their daughter’s experiences, and in turn she can hear their stories as well and understand and appreciate them. “We have a stronger connection to where our kids are going to school—and as parents, a chance to leave something better behind,” Randy concludes.

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